Sandeep Ahuja

Founder & CEO, Operation ASHA

As CEO, Sandeep has led the organization since 2006.  His sharp business acumen has earned praise and created a cost-effective method of treating tuberculosis. He was member of the Board of the Stop TB Partnership from 2009-12 where he represented NGOs of developing countries.

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Shelly Batra

Co-founder & President, Operation ASHA

Dr. Shelly Batra co-founded Operation ASHA and has led the organization as President since 2005.


She is 2014’s Social Entrepreneur of the year, awarded by Schwab Foundation, renowned Senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Advanced Laparoscopy Surgeon, an Ashoka Changemarker and a best-selling Penguin author. Shelly’s dedication to reaching the unreached started in 1991, when Shelly went into the heart of the slums in Delhi. Shelly provided pro-bono life-saving treatments and operations as well as free consultations, medicines and counseling. She is actively involved with the Free Patient Department of Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center which is run for the benefit of poor patients. Shelly has contributed heavily through various media channels, such as television stations and newspapers, to impart medical knowledge and create awareness.

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