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Our Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Goal


Expand access to services and products of a high quality at affordable prices to disadvantaged communities worldwide with a focus on delivery of health services. We do this by providing the last mile connectivity, i.e. service delivery at the doorsteps of the under-served.


Our vision is of a healthy society, where preventable diseases & infant and maternal mortality have been significantly decreased, and healthy lifespan extended to all by curtailment of disease.


Our Overarching Principles: Operation ASHA exists to serve its patients.

Our philosophy is given below.

  • To improve the health of disadvantaged tuberculosis patients.
  • To provide other health services and products to the disadvantaged and the Bottom of the Pyramid Markets.
  • Maintain total transparency at all times.
  • What gets measured, gets done. Measurement of outcome is an integral part of our methodology. Our management information systems include continuous monitoring and rigorous reporting.

Our Partners:  Successful partnerships are those that provide a win-win situation for every partner.  Operation ASHA strives to establish successful partnerships that result in a collective impact against poverty.

Technology: Operation ASHA will develop, use and disseminate technology to improve performance, increase productivity and reduce costs. The reduction in recurring costs may recoup expenses incurred on development of the technology.

Our Role:  Operation ASHA recognizes that it is the responsibility of individual governments to reduce poverty and eliminate tuberculosis in their countries.  Donor and implementing organizations such as Operation ASHA can only do so much.  Therefore, Operation ASHA leverages government infrastructure to supplement countries’ own efforts rather than duplicate existing infrastructure and facilities.


Operation ASHA’s goal is to provide high quality services and products in collaboration with the Government and/or at affordable prices to the most disadvantaged.  We do this through focusing on beneficiary/ patient convenience, community mobilization, and comprehensive counseling.

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