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About Us

Operation ASHA is dedicated to bringing tuberculosis treatment and health services to the poorest of the poor in  India’s urban slums and rural villages.

We are among the world’s largest NGOs in tuberculosis treatment and prevention, making these services available to more than 6.1 million people who have  little access to basic healthcare, let alone medicines to treat TB. With treatment centers established in more than 3000 slums and villages in India and Cambodia, our team plans to expand to other regions of the developing world afflicted with TB, and help other organizations fighting TB adopt our methods and technology. “Tuberculosis is a scar on the face of the earth,” says Dr. Shelly Batra, president of Operation ASHA.

TB is a scar we will heal together with our partners, supporters and you, we can achieve that goal by the UN Millennium Development Goal’s deadline: 2050.

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